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We are changing strategies. We are and shall continue to work Hard to acquire Rights for Merited Foreign Language Books in order to have them translated into English and made available to readers in North America. This will be our primary mission, yet in parallel we will continue to import selective titles from fewer International Publishers.

Please check out the lists of books we have. Every single title is discounted, and acquisitions for as little as $29.95 will benefit of Free Shipping.

Because most titles we hold have 5 copies or less in stock, Fulfillment will be restricted only to American Addresses.

Hope you will find many titles you like. We will continue to add New Titles and description, so please visit us again soon.

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What a Great Deal our Titles are!

98% of our book Titles and Products have been flown in from Lebanon, Dubai, the UK, Germany, France, and Othe Great Publishing Places. On top of that you Enjoy Free Standard Shipping (2 to 7 Business Days) within the USA (depending on the period year, Like Christmas, and your location from our base in Atlanta, GA). All thisfor a mere $29.95 Purchase. That's What a Good Deal our Very Reasonably Priced Titles and Products are! Catch the ones you like while still available.