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Musandam By Photographers: Moushumi Nandy, Mark Daffey, Darrin James, Christa Loustalot, David Steele, Callahan Walsh, and Andrea Wilmore The Musandam Peninsula is commonly known as the 'Norway of Arabia', its landscape shaped by tranquil fjords. to tourists and travelers, the Musandam's stark mountains and peaceful coves offer sanctuary for the soul. The region's diverse rock formations, wild mountains, verdant plains, quite waters and variety of wildlife, endow the land with a chameleon -like quality. Travelling into the coastal villages and sleepy mountain settlements is a journey into timelessness, where life has changed little over years, where culture and tradition are treasured, and where and intriguing insight into the life of indigenous Omani people is generously provided. Language: English ISBN: 9781860632266 2007, Hardcover, 104 pages, 13.0 x 9.5, 84 Photographs (mostly full page)