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معجم الدبلوماسية والشؤون الدولية

A Dictionary of Diplomacy & International Affairs

Samuhi Fawqal-Adah

“A reliable and authentic reference book for students, teachers, researchers, and professionals in the field. Includes references such as: Faruqui's Law Dictionary, Dictionnaire Juridique et Commercial, Dictionary of Diplomatic Terminology etc. English - French - Arabic, by Samuhi Fawq al-Adah. The Archive has changed language and evolved very rapidly in recent years, and it has become necessary to have reliable and authentic reference books in a variety of fields for students, teachers, and researchers. Ever since the end of World War II and the emergence of national independence in the Arab World, it has become necessary to compile a dictionary of diplomatic and international terms with proper Arabic equivalents. Through the indefatigable efforts of the author, such a work has been made possible. The author undertook this monumental task both as a national obligation and as a contribution to the science of politics, diplomacy, international relation, international law, and protocol. The author of this dictionary is eminently qualified for this undertaking. Apart from his vast and rich experience in research, writing and intensive and extensive studies, he was for twenty-five years in the Syrian Diplomatic Service: six years as Director of Arab and Foreign Affairs; eleven years as Director of Protocol; and several times head of diplomatic missions and member of international conferences and congresses”.

يفي هذا المعجم الفريد اليوم بحاجة حقيقية وضرورية في وقت تنمو فيه أوجه النشاط الدولية والسياسية والعلاقات الدولية وتتغير بسرعة .  والمؤلف شخصية بارزة كمحام وسياسي ، لذا فان معجمه يعد ذا نفع عظيم لكل المعنيين بالشؤون الدولية .


Language: English-French-Arabic
ISBN: 9789953336176
2004, Hardcover , 545 pages: 17 x 24 cm. Introductions in Arabic and English