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60 complete Annahar Newspaper issues bound in a book covering 6o days of the Gulf war period (in Arabic)

Annahar is Lebanon's leading Arabic language newspaper. The newspapers have been reduced in size and were bound in a book.

 The collection is called: Al Khaleej; Harb el Me-at sa3a fi setteen nahar wa layla. The Gulf :  The one hundred hour war during 60 days and nights.

The first issue is dated Jan 8th, 1991.
The last one is March 15, 1991.
Annahar did not appear on certain days during that period, hence it is 60 issues .

 In between the first and the last issue, you will find daily stories  about the start and progression of the First Gulf War, about Lebanese  domestic politics starting with the formation the government of   national reconciliation, and then its efforts to consolidate government  authority.

You can read articles covering art, cinema, sports, international news, Middle East events, South Lebanon, the plans for disarming the militias.

will be able to look at the nostalgic ads,  check the classifieds (how cheap things were!), the exchange rates, even the obituaries.  800 pages, this is virtually an encyclopedia of Lebanese and Middle Eastern events during the period in question. It is both a history and a book. It is a nostalgia par excellence!

The book is in an excellent shape inside. But in view of its age, the outside covers and the edges have some stains.