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Lebanon a Mosaic of Cultures By Nina Jidejian This luxurious bilingual book was to serve as a flagship Lebanese publication due to premiere at the book fair that was to coincide with the Francophonie Summit in Beirut last October 2001. Unfortunately, the summit was postponed due to the sad events of September 11. The book compiles the various riches of Lebanon's historical treasures. ISBN 2842893441 Language(s): English & French 2001, 348 Pages, Approx. Dimensions: 23 x 25 cm or 9" x 10" About the Author: Nina Jedijian is the author of several books in English and French on Lebanon's archeological sites. L'oeuvre de Nina Jedijian comprend plusieurs ouvrages se rapportant aux sites antiques du Liban publiés dans les versions françaises et anglaises.