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Da'ad By Chucri Ghanem In 1870, Beyrouth was not the almost European city that she has became (...) Da'ad, the small Jewess, was twelve years old (...) The prosperity in her household as sensed by her mother and older sister progressed with the age and the beauty of the younger sibling..." Chekri Ghanem, considéré comme le père de la littérature francophone. About the Author: Chekri Ghanem is a XIXth Century francophone writer is considered the godfather of the francophone writers in Lebanon. Born in Beirut in 1861, Chekri Ghanem spent some time in Egypt and Tunisia before settling down in France from where he took on the struggle against the Ottoman occupation of Lebanon. Founder of the newspaper "Al Mostaqbal", he published his first poetry collection, "Ronces et Fleurs", in 1896. He's also the author of a novel, "Da'ad" (1908) and of many theatre plays. Language(s): French ISBN 2842890922 1998, Soft Cover, 256 pages, 11 x 16.5 cm (4.5" x 6.5") Other Key Words: Daad, Ganem, Chokri, Chukri, Chikri, Shikri, Shekri, Shukri