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A Living Memory

by Hazem Zaki Nusseibeh

Throughout Hazem Nusseibeh’s long and illustrious career as a senior politician and diplomat, the lure of Jerusalem, the city of his birth, remained strong.

In Jerusalemites, Dr Nusseibeh tells of growing up in British Mandate Palestine and recalls the pain inflicted on the Palestinians by the creation of Israel. He describes how he dedicated his professional life to the service of the Palestinian people and the goal of restoring their basic human rights. Dr Nusseibeh also provides unique inside accounts of some of the major events in contemporary Arab and international history.

Dr. Hazem Nusseibeh, a graduate of AUB and Princeton University, and a long-standing foreign ninister and diplomat, has written a most enchanting 450 pages of his autobiography, covering eight decades of a lifetime, beginning with a happy childhood in Jerusalem, through the vicissitudes of the Palestine–Israeli dilemma, and a long and challenging career as foreign minister of Jordan, Minister of the Royal Court, Minister of Reconstruction and Development in charge of the affairs and survival of millions of Palestinian refugees, chief of Jordan delegation to the Jordanian Israeli Mixed Armistice Commission, Ambassador to Egypt during the tumultuous Nasser and Sadat regimes, as well as to Turkey, Italy and peaking as chief of mission to the United Nations, where in 1981-1982, he sat on the Security Council as representative of Jordan and the wider Arab and Asian group. Wars, invasions massacres and stunning terrorist and resistance acts, were the kind of menu that he dealt with in this high calling, and which Ambassador Nusseibeh narrates vividly, and without venom or provocation.
The autobiography is replete with a wealth of information, anecdotes, reflections, humour, and analysis of multitudes of public and international affairs, at the decision-making level, including meetings with world leaders of the day. It recalls periods, events and people whose "who is who" is privy to the few. It is a 'must' reading for Jerusalemites of all denominations, as well as multitudes of people and opinion-makers around the world and, particularly at this crucial hour when decisive decisions are expected towards resolving the overshadowing crises of the Middle East.


Language: English
ISBN: 9789963610389 
2009, paperback, 456 pages, 21.0 x 15 cm