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With a Pinch of Spice: Fusion Flavours from Dubai By Laila Al Khaja Taking you through multicultural Dubai with innovative recipes showcasing the best of many worlds, whilst keeping the Arabic flavours intact, Laila experiments with ingredients, cooking techniques and dishes from various regions, particularly the Far East. Take a journey through multicultural Dubai and experience its famous hubs and colourful land and foodscape. Explore its quaint souks, iconic buildings and the many popular restaurants that all link a thirst for travel with a love for food. The recipes in this book include a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, as well as local and international specialties. With about 150 photographs by acclaimed food photographer, Edwina Cottino, this book is a treat for every culinary aficionado. About the Author Originally from Jordan, Laila Al Khaja has built her rich repertoire of recipes from her extensive travels and inspiration drawn from diverse cultures. Her strong interest in local and international cuisine and her emphasis on wholesome food have significantly influenced her cooking. Laila is especially passionate about Thai cuisine and conducts Thai cooking classes in Dubai. She regularly travels to different countries to learn about their gastronomical culture and way of life. Laila is a UAE national and is the mother of two. Language(s): English ISBN: 9781860633270 2012, Hardcover, 10.5 x 9.5,224 pages, 158 photos