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A Day Above Oman By John Nowell As a pilot with The Royal Flight for 10 years, John Nowell had always marveled at the natural beauty of Oman in all its diversity. Photography and flying, his two passions, have resulted in a Day Above Oman - a stunning portrait, with both aerial and ground shots, of one of the most beautiful countries of Arabia. The sun rises over stark natural landscapes, while people set about their daily activities, leaving long shadows in their trail. Progressively colors become brighter, and Oman's varied landscapes come to life. From city life to that of small villages perched atop rugged mountains, from the calm of the sands to that of the seas, John Nowell has composed a moving portrait of the country and its people. The day draws to a close over Muscat, with the lights emphasizing the city's dramatic location. Language(s): English ISBN: 9781873544303 Hardcover, 128 pages, 12.4 x 9.5 inches Stock Available Brand New in Gift Quality Condition