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Arabian Sands (The Dubai Luxury Edition) font-size:14px;***Luxury Edition, Imported from Dubai!font-size:14px;*** Considered by many to be the ultimate book on Arabia. font-size:14px;By Wilfred Thesiger font-size:14px;I went to Southern Arabia only just in time. Others will go there to study geology and archaeology, the birds and plants and animals, even to study the Arab themselves; they will bring back results far more interesting than mine, but they will never know the spirit of the land nor the greatness of the Arabs. font-size:14px;With Arabian Sands, Wilfred Thesiger took his place among the few great travelers not only as an explorer but as a writer. He describes the journeys he made from 1945 to 1950 in and around the Empty Quarter; the half million square miles of one of the cruelest deserts in the world. Before him no other traveler; apart from the Bedu who lived there had dared to cross those empty wastes twice. Thesiger believed it to be one of the very few places left where I could satisfy an urge to go where others had not been, and where he could find the peace that comes with solitude, and, among the Bedu, comradeship in a hostile world. font-size:14px;Thesiger’s experience and knowledge of the Arabian Sands, its people, its tribal warfare and ancient history, its daily life and landscape, are unique and will remain so, for the world he describes has since altered beyond recognition. font-size:14px;Language: English ISBN: 9781873544754 font-size:14px;Luxury Edition with Hardcover and Dust Jacket. Imported from Dubai.