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Abu Dhabi - An Arabian Album Ronald Codrai Library By: Ronald Codra A lasting photographic memoir of the author's stay in Abu Dhabi. This Arabian Album is a personal record of the region as it was at mid-century, a brief glimpse at a small segment of history which I was privileged to witness. I am delighted that it has been enjoyed by those living and working in the part of the world portrayed in the photographs, for that in itself symbolises the vast changes that have occurred since those days when there were no newspapers, telephones, radio or television, when typewriters were as few as motor cars and the nearest printing press was in Bombay. Photography has always been my hobby, and during my stay and travels south-eastern Arabia I took numerous photographs. Many were the happy evenings I spent processing them in an improvised darkroom in our home, then washing the results in the sea the next day as we swam. Language(s): English ISBN: 9781860631764224 200 pages, softback 12.0” x 11.0” (31.0 cm x 28.5cm)