Arabic Curriculum
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Simple Arabic : A Comprehensive Course
Simple Arabic: A Comprehensive Course Yousif Haddad Jack Ingle Simple Arabic aims to make l..
Spoken Arabic - Step-by-Step (Cassettes/CDs)
Spoken Arabic - Step-by-Step (2 Books + Cassettes + Copy CDs) (2 Spiral-bound Books with the origin..
Spoken Arabic - Step-by-Step (with three CDs)
Spoken Arabic - Step-by-Step (2 Books with three CDs) By John Kirkbright Aims to lead beginners, a..
The Arabic Alphabet
The Arabic Alphabet Nicholas Awde Putros Samano Ever larger numbers of people are starting ..
The Dictionary of the Hamza (in Arabic)  /  معجم الهمزة
The Dictionary of the Hamza (in Arabic)  /  معجم الهمزة تأليف أدما طربيه   موضوع الهمزة موضوع ..
The Exciting Reading of Arabic Part 2 / القراءة المشوقة الجزء ٢
خطوطي المشوقة #2 تأليف لوريس لبكي يعد تعليم الكتابة من المهمات الشاقة على الأهل والمعلمين، وي..
The Road to the Arabic Alphabet (in Arabic) / مروج الألف باء
Empower your kids to exercise writing in Arabic, this lightweight book offers the chance to exercise..
Yemeni Arabic - Vol. 1 - by Hamdi A. Qafisheh
By Hamdi A. Qafisheh\r\nLanguage(s): English/Arabic\r\n 1990, 1st edition, Hardback, 386 pages, 21 ..
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