Our Pledge

  • We shall continue to provide an honest and efficient service to our customers.

  • We shall continue to pack all our books and products in a manner which overwhelmingly minimizes or totally avoids damage during transit times.

  • All our products come from non-smoking environments.

  • Most of our products are NEW, and have never been read before. However, many of our titles, although NEW, have been published as early as the 1960’s or even slightly before. Such products and Titles will naturally have various levels of shelf fatigue. We shall endeavor to describe on the product page these normal irregularities. Should we find out at the time of readying the order that the actual condition details of a particular copy is not as described, we will inform the customer, ahead of shipping, of such discrepancies.

  • We will stay in touch with our customers as much as possible to ensure their receipt of their product and their satisfaction.

  • Those books and products we offer in USED Condition are either RARE or RARE and Antiquarian. Some of these books will date back to the 19 Century (and even a handful to the 18th Century). Their conditions will be described in a way which will offer the customer the best information to make knowledgeable information as to her or his decision to purchase.

  • We will closely listen to any dissatisfaction and ensure that the remedy which is fair to both parties.

  • We look forward to assisting all our customers.