Saudi Arabia - Profile of a Kingdom

Saudi Arabia - Profile of a Kingdom
Saudi Arabia - Profile of a Kingdom
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Saudi Arabia - Profile of a Kingdom

By Various

Saudi Arabia- Profile of a kingdom introduces the many facets of this influential country; its cultural heritage, the conversion of its oil wealth into economic strength and its international political and religious roles. A remarkable country, proud of its own identity and certain of its own direction and faith, informed and guided by Islam, Saudi Arabia's influence on the world is undisputed.

 The country's varied landscape is also vividly described in the book. Occupying the greatest part of the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia's regions are vastly different: the highlands of the Asir contrast vividly with the desert regions of the Nejd; Hejaz, with its mountains and coastal plains, is flanked by the waters of the Red Sea, while to the south, the strikingly beautiful sand dunes of the Rub Al Khali (or Empty Quarter), still remain uninhabited. Separate chapters are devoted to the cities of Riyadh and Jeddah as well as to the Eastern Province, which has one quarter of the world's oil reserves.

With its formidable oil reserves, strong political influence, large population and the two holiest cities of Islam, Saudi Arabia plays a key role on the world stage, Saudi Arabia - Profile of a Kingdom examines how the country has used its oil wealth for the benefit of its people, emerging as a modern state after hundreds of years of isolation, while continuing to preserve a strong cultural and religious identity. The Kingdom holds a fascination for many people: its myriad faces are rewarded to them in this informative and colourful book.

The talents of five diverse writers who have either been resident in or are frequent visitors to Saudi Arabia are brought together in Saudi Arabia - Profile of a Kingdom. Each of the contributing authors draws on his/ her own personal knowledge of the Kingdom, lending the work a deeper perspective. Their informative text is vividly illustrated by some of the region's best photographers, whose \r\n  images bring the Kingdom to life.

Language: English
ISBN: 9781873544679
Hardcover, 124 pages

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