Sound Changes In Arabic Sonorant Consonants

Sound Changes In Arabic Sonorant Consonants
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Sound Changes in Arabic Sonorant Consonants

Duleim Masoud Al-Qahtani

This book describes sound changes that take place in the four Arabic sonorant consonants. It gives an account of the nature of the four sounds, the interchangeability among them, and their epenthesis and deletion. It also, offers a descriptive study and presents copious data.

"Sound Changes in Arabic Sonorant Consonants" covers a wide range of varieties of Arabic including dialects, Modern Standard Arabic and Classical Arabic, and many dialects including Bahraini, Egyptian, Iraqi, Gulf dialects, Lebanese, Saudi dialects, Sudanese, Syrian and Yemeni. It also covers most Saudi dialects including Hijazi, Najdi, dialects of the Eastern Province, Asiri, and mostly that of Rufaydah. Finally, the book gives some possible reasons behind the major sound changes in the four sounds.


Language: English
ISBN: 996044466X / 9789960444666
2004, Hardcover, 81 pages, 24×17cm                                 

Subject: Arabic language / Phonetics

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