The Iraqi Table by Raghad Al Safi

The Iraqi Table by Raghad Al Safi
The Iraqi Table by Raghad Al Safi
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The Iraqi Table

By Raghad Al Safi

All the way from Dubai, the Best Selling Iraq Culinary Book in the Gulf in 2016, featuring:

• A glimpse into the history of one of the oldest cultures in the world
• The definitive collection of Iraqi recipes
• Every recipe is accompanied with a gorgeous full colour photograph

The Iraqi Table, a cookbook that not only provides recipes for the rich and delicious Iraqi cuisine, but also celebrates its traditions, culture and heritage. After collecting recipes for over a decade, Raghad Al Safi refined, perfected and compiled them in this collection, which is a loving tribute to her motherland and its cuisine. Iraqi food has been influenced by many cultures and eras, making it a rich, eclectic and complex culinary experience. From the ancient Akkadians, Assyrians and Babylonians through to the Ottoman Empire, Iraqi cuisine has a vast heritage. Through The Iraqi Table, Raghad serves up a rich mixture of mouth-watering food, culture, history and storytelling. ‘With The Iraqi Table, Raghad Al Safi brings to light an unconventional and hidden cuisine that I find to be one of the most original and bespoke in the world,’ says Shaikha M. Al Ali, an Emirati chef and culinary art director, who also has a popular blog ‘When Shaikha Cooks’ and the food and culture magazine Thooq.

Language: English
ISBN: 9781860634284
2016, Hardcover, 165 pages, 19.0 x 26.5 cm, color pictures

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