B is for Bedu

B is for Bedu
B is for Bedu
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B is for Bedu

By Fay Gabriel, Lynn Jones, Lois Cardona and Linda Horan

An alphabet book to teach children about the old ways of Arabia.

The Bedu way of life in Arabia has existed for thousands of years, yet, as these remarkable nomadic people have disappeared to the cities, so too has our knowledge and understanding of them. Constantly moving to find grazing for their animals, tending their flocks in the vast, empty land, and weaving beautiful patterns for their houses of hair, the wonder of the Bedu is that they managed to survive in the harsh desert environment.
B is for Bedu, the letters of the alphabet are supported by fascinating photographs which reveal an almost forgotten heritage. An informative personal observation of the old ways of Arabia, the book can be enjoyed by inquisitive children and adults alike.

Language: English
ISBN: 9781860631030
Hardcover, 36 pages, 27.0 cm x 20.0 cm

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