Mr. G. Reed Makes a Deal

Mr. G. Reed Makes a Deal
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Mr. G. Reed Makes a Deal

Every year unspecified amounts of toxic waste are shipped from wealthy industrialized nations to Third World countries, where greedy unscrupulous businessmen and corrupt politicians are tempted by quick profits into the unethical and extremely hazardous business of toxic waste dumping.

The ambiguous or nonexistent environmental regulations and corruption in many poor or war-ravaged countries makes them easy targets for this practice.

During the nearly 20 years of war in Lebanon, it is believed that several shipments of toxic waste from Europe and the USA have been deposited in several locations where they have contaminated land and water resources.  Some shipments of toxic waste dumped in Lebanon have been returned to the countries of origin.

Several cases of human and cattle death and disease have been attributed to contamination from toxic waste.


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