Cleo, The Hotel Cat

Cleo, The Hotel Cat
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Cleo, The Hotel Cat

Roseanne Saad Khalaf

 Cleo, a spunky cat with the longest whiskers and the brightest disposition, playfully comments on the day-to-day happenings that define her busy life in a classy hotel overlooking bustling Beirut and the sea Every winter something magical happens when performing artists from all corners of the globe arrive   in busloads creating a whirlwind of music and excitement Cleo mingles with the festival crowd and attends each and every dazzling performance, quickly becoming an opera buff and the toast of the hotel Although this lovable feline cherishes her charmed life, deep down she longs for adventure and is determined to discover   her true potential in order to contribute something special to the world Written in simple, lyrical prose this captivating book encourages the young and not   so young alike, to delight in the moment but also think past the boundaries of everyday life to imagine the possibilities beyond.

Language: English      
ISBN: 2842894871
2004, Softcover, 28 pages, 20cm x 20cm


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