Between Arab and Israeli

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Between Arab and Israeli

By: Lt. Gen. E. L. M. Burns

In this book General Burns, who served as Chief of Staff of the United Nations Truce ‎ Supervision Organization, established under the 1949 General Armistice Agreements ‎ to supervise peace in the Middle East, gives an authoritative account of the workings ‎ of UNTSO during 1954-1956, which witnessed the Israeli invasion of the Sinai and ‎ the Suez War. When the UN set up an Emergency Force to supervise the withdrawal ‎ of troops from these areas, Burns was appointed its commander. The book is an eye ‎ witness account of the events which followed the established of Israel and led to the ‎ Suez War.‎


Lieutenant-General BURNS served as commander of the first United Nations Emergency Force in the Middle East from 1956 to 1959. For two years before assuming the UNEF command, General Burns was chief of staff of the UN Truce Supervisory Organization in the Middle East (UNTSO). From 1960 to 1968, he was leader of Canada's delegation to the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament in Geneva.

Language: English
1969, Paperback, 336 Pages


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