A Survey of Palestine, Two Volumes and Supplement (3 Books in Total)

A Survey of Palestine, Two Volumes and Supplement (3 Books in Total)
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A Survey of Palestine, prepared in December 1945 and January 1946 for the information of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry (3 volumes)

By: Palestine Government of the Mandate Period

While prepared in 1945-46, this facsimile copy of the Palestine Government's massive report for an international commission of inquiry covers the entire sweep of the 25-year Mandate period. Comprehensive, well-organized, easy to use, this indispensable research tool on the Mandate provides detailed descriptions and statistical data covering population and immigration, land ‎ownership and land tenure systems, agriculture and industry, social services, labor, community and political organization, religious affairs, budgets and communications. In short, the survey covers virtually every aspect of life in Palestine on the eve of the UN partition resolution in 1947.

Vol. 3 has title: Supplement to the Survey of Palestine; it was compiled for the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine.


Language: English
ISBN: 088728213X (v. 1); 0887282156 (v. 2); 0887282172 (v. 3)
1991, Paperback, 1312 pages

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